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Orange Boom Retoga ready for photoshootCapturing the classic 1980ā€™s group ā€˜Cā€™ styling, the Retoga is a two seater mini Le Mans car. Designed and manufactured from all bespoke components and assembled around a unique tubular chassis, the Retoga makes the ultimate track day / race car.

Currently the works cars consist of the original Retoga, powered by a Yamaha R1 engine, and the "OrangeBoom" with a Ford Zetec / Sigma 1.6ltr engine coupled to an Elite 5 speed sequential transaxle (as seen in Track and Race Magazine December 2007).

The New Retoga RT Launch
Monday 9 Febuary 2009

The New Retoga RTNew for 2009, the Retoga RT (Road & Track).
Combining the characteristics of Lotus 7 styled motoring with a race pedigree chassis of modern design, which shows its great engineering prowess with exposed chassis tubes to demonstrate that this car has been designed with safety and performance in mind.

The New Retoga RTThe Retoga RT is being developed as car which is equally at home on the Road and at the Track. All major components originating from the Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (donor car). At approximately 550kg and 150bhp (with Webcon throttle bodies) the RT will be an exciting proposition.

Currently we are 90% compete on our prototype build, which we expect to run on a rolling road by the end of February, with track testing and SVA to follow shortly after.

Please keep an eye on our website for further developments. Why not send us your views and first impressions on our new project. Price TBA.

750 Bike Sports at Snetterton - Last race of the 2008 season
Sunday 28 September 2008

The Retoga ready to raceRace 1
Qualified 13th on the grid and 3rd in class. I had a good start and got the car away cleanly, much to my delight, as at previous meetings I have felt the start has cost me a position or two, I had a slight run on a couple of fellow competitors but unfortunately I was squeezed against the pit wall and had back off slightly to avoid contact. At the end of the first lap I had held my start position. The pace settled down and everybody found their own groups. I had a race long battle with a 1300cc Radical SR3. The Retoga was defiantly superior under braking and round the twisty sections, but we did lose out on the long straights of Snetterton. We traded places many times, but unfortunately I didn't have the grunt to keep him at bay. Final finishing position 10th and 3rd in class. Possibly my best race to date.

Race 2
Believe it or not we haven't started a race on wet weather tyres all season, race 2 was about as close as it could come. The wind had picked up and the clouds had darkened although at this point it wasn't actually raining. Everybody started on slicks, again I was in 13th spot on the grid. By the time we had completed our green flag lap the rain had started, everybody had a very cautions first couple of laps, I think I was guilty of being to cautious as I nearly dropped to the back of the field!! After getting my backside in gear I had a fantastic race in very slippery conditions and managed to drag myself back up to 8th position, this time having a great battle with a Radical SR4 along the way, the weather perhaps swaying in my favour and lessoning our power disadvantage and capitalising on the fantastic characteristics of the Retoga under braking and through the corners. Race 2 finishing position 8th and 2nd in class.

Final finishing position for the 2008 bikesports championship, 5th overall and 2nd in class. 100% reliability and finishing record throughout the season. Fantastic, roll on 2009!
2008 Championship Table pdf (98Kb)

Exeter Show 2008 - Kellforms Road Car Prototype
Thursday, 4 September 2008

Come and see the new road going prototype car at the Kellforms stand number M78 at this years Exeter Kit Car show on the 15 /16th November 2008. See you there!

750 Bike Sports at Donington Park - Retoga class win!
Saturday 19 July 2008

Retoga at Donington ParkHaving not raced at Donington Park (future home of the British Grand Prix!) since the fastest mini in the world 2002, I took my time re-acquainting myself with the circuit during the qualifying session. The forecasts were for heavy rain which luckily cleared an hour before our session. I finally qualified in 10th position overall and first in class. Again the forecasts were for showers for the whole day, more like April than July!

Single Race - 20 min.
Competition is tight!Just like Cadwell Park a fortnight before, we had heavy rain before our race. All the competitors left their tyre choice until the last minute with one eye firmly fixed on the clouds and wind direction. The wind soon dried the track and the rain held off to give us a dry race, although it was touch and go.

I had a better start this time out although I still managed to lose a place to one of the rapid Global Lights. This turned into a fantastic race for the complete 20 minutes with another Global, switching positions many times whist we both tried to get ahead, in our efforts we both had off track excursions. With a lap or two to go I got a better run out of Coppice and out dragged my fellow competitor down the Dunlop straight, holding him off to take the class win.

Final finishing position of 8th and 1st in class.
Overall championship position 5th and 2nd in class (57 points).